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Apple stocks: will it perform well in the second half of 2020?

How did Apple perform in the second quarterly result of 2020?

Apple have generated a revenue of $58,3 Billion. Which is an increase of 1% compared to a year ago. “Despite COVID-19’s unprecedented global impact, we’re proud to report that Apple grew for the quarter, driven by an all-time record in Services and a quarterly record for Wearables,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. ” Let’s take a look at those numbers. Compare to last year. The revenue grew about 1%. And 62% of Apple’s revenue came from outside the US. The service revenue exploded sky high with 13,3 billion USD. So you can see that Apple have performed really well this quarter.

What do most analyst thinks of Apple performance?

Most analyst are really optimistic about Apple stock, some of them think that Apple will reach a stock price 380 USD this year. Main reasons are that they expected that Iphone 5g will increase the sales. With the world that are getting out of the lock-downs, analyst are expecting that the sales of product will increase more. source: barrons

How will Apple manage the corona virus getting into the 3rd quarter?

In my personal opinion, I the third quarter for Apple will be heavy. As many countries went into a lock-down. Many business went bankrupt. So the outlook for many consumers are not too well. I expect that consumers will save more money and spend less. I have no doubt that new Iphone 5G will be awesome. But i am not sure if many are still eager to get that new Iphone as their economic situation is uncertain. So I think that currently analyst are way too positive. I think when third quarter results come out, the stock price of Apple will drop. Longterm I am bullish on this stock but short term a bit bearisch.

How to buy and sell Apple stocks on Plus500 broker

Oxford Lane Capital stocks dividends

Oxford Lane Capital Group

And that’s when Oxford lane Capital group stock comes in. We’ll analyze the stock and its value against its main competitor. In the end, it’s up to you to decide if its a good investment or not.

It’s not easy being an investor in this current day and age. The stock market is already a difficult concept for beginners at first; getting monthly dividends is also another issue that most stock options aren’t able to provide.

About Oxford Lane Capital Group

Oxford Lane Capital is a management investment company that’s publically traded in NASDAQ.  The company seeks to achieve their investment objective of maximizing their risk-adjusted return by investing in equity and debt tranches of CLO (collateralized loan obligations) vehicles.

The CLO investments might also include warehouse facilities. This is where their financing structures are used to aggregate loans that might be used to form the basis of a CLO vehicle.

Investment Portfolio

However, that’s just the surface of Oxford lane Capital group stock. CLOs account for 100% of their investment stock. 97% of it is in CLO equity and 3% in CLO debt.

What are CLOs? CLOs are debts that are grouped together by loan originators (leveraged lenders, banks, and others) and is sold to investors as CLOs.

While there are some restrictions on CLO production, the due diligence is harder on these assets. A bank lender or a business development corporation (BDC) can look at a debtor’s creditworthiness when planning on lending money. But the due diligence on a grouped collections of loans is significantly harder. (the increased difficulty is a great plot point in both the Big Short movie and book).

The chart below displays the valuations and earnings of Oxford lane Capital group stock:

Gross RevenuePrice/Sales RatioNet IncomeEarnings Per Share    Earnings/Price Ratio
Oxford Lane Capital Corp82.50M4.4848.27M1.3318.98
Great Elm Capital Group Inc.10.64M7.929.81M-0.400.00

Based on this graph we can see that Oxford lane Capital stocks is doing better than its competition. With OXLC, shareholders have a higher earning per share, making it the better option if you’re trying to short CLO stocks.

It’s clear to tell which company provides more value. Oxford lane Capital group stock has a higher gross revenue by 71.86 million. Additionally, their net income is over 38.46 million higher than Great Elm Capital Group Inc.

Let’s take a look their profitability. Based on the chart you can see that Oxford lane Capital group stock is potentially the more lucrative option:

Net MarginsReturn on EquityReturn on Assets
Oxford Lane Capital Corp.58.51%0%0%
Great Elm Capital Group Inc-92.20%-15.4%-7.5%

Investment Strategy

Put simply; Oxford Lane Capital Group investment strategy involves shorting CLO stocks. Investing in Oxford lane Capital group stock isn’t the same as owning bank stock. On one hand, its similar to bank equity exposure to credit risk by obtaining OXLC.

But, OXLC has a 2/20 fee structure that’s more of an incentive structure than the structure than the one that’s expected from your community bank. Based on OXLC’s semi-annual report, it charges up to a 20% incentive fee, 2% of base management, and a 7% hurdle rate (up to a provision).

Dividend Rates

Previously, OXLC would pay out their stock dividends at a quarterly distribution schedule. All of that changed last year. In December 2017, Oxford lane Capital group stock decided to pay dividends in a monthly basis in early 2018. In other words, one of its core investment strategies is to pay their shareholders in monthly dividends.

This was certainly a welcoming move that attracted more investors. Most of us have bills that need to be paid off monthly, so its great to have a monthly dividend income to help match with our expenses.

As of now,  the company now offers monthly dividends at $0.135 a share, which is paid by the end of the month. Due to its fast dividend payouts, we can see that their investment strategy is to provide value to their shareholders.

In fact, trading at $10.21 a share, Oxford Lane Capital Group has a 15% annual dividend yield.

Because of this, it has one of the highest yields within the stock market.


Based on their monthly dividends, profit margins, and competitor analysis, we believe that the Oxford Lane Capital stocks has the potential to do well in 2019. Like any investment option, it’s best that you conduct your own research before owning a share. If there are any questions you have about Oxford lane Capital stocks, please share them in the comment section.



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Dividend stocks

Dividend stocks: a way to build a passive income

Dividend stocks

Dividend Stocks

What are dividend stocks?

Dividends stocks are stocks of companies that share the profits  with their shareholder. So let’s say company A had made a profit. Let say the profit is 100 USD. And let’s say that company A have only 100 stocks standing out on the market. They decide that want to share ( which is often called as distribute) the 100 usd profit to the 100 stocks. So this means if you had one stock of this company A, then you will get a dividend ( company A’s profit ) of 1 USD. If you own ten of these stocks then your dividend would be 10 USD.

Type of dividend stocks

There are many types of dividend stocks. I will just discuss the most popular types with you.

1. Normal Growth Stocks

Normal growth stocks are stocks of companies that are focusing in growing their business. Most of the time they give you very little dividends. The reason for that is that company need the profit to invest in growing their business. When they see that they have  too much cash reserve, they are starting to increase the dividend or buy back stocks. This way they increase the value of their stocks. A few examples for growth stocks are Apple, Google, Facebook stocks and so on. These company usually give out dividend once or twice a year.

2. Close end funds

Close end funds are funds that are managed by the managers of a investing fund. Close end funds borrow money or give out in stocks ( to get capital) to invest in companies, stock markets, forex markets and so on. By investing in the right things these managers make profits. And with these profits they share it with their shareholders right away or as soon as possible. Most close end fund give dividends quarterly or monthly. To avoid heavy taxation, these funds share 90% of their profit with their share holders.

3. REIT funds

Reit funds are a bit like close end funds. But the main difference is that these funds are primarily focussed on real estate or mortgages. These funds makes their profit by collecting rent , buy and sell real estate, giving out mortgages and building and leasing of properties.

How to build up a portfolio of dividend stocks?

Before you start working on building your dividend stocks portfolio, you need to make clear to yourself what the purpose is of this portfolio. For example do you want that this portfolio to cover all your life expenses or do you want to replace your income. Once you decide what you want. Then you can start on working building up this portfolio of dividend stocks.

How to manage the risk?

So what is the best way to manage your risk? Before you start buying, make a list of stocks which one has the highest yield, research their business and the market that they are operated in. Don’t put all your money in one dividend company but invest in a few. This way if company A one day reported that they want to reduce the dividend it won’t hurt you hard. ( it will hurt you because you get lesser dividned and stock will lose their value) Because still have company b, c,d that are doing well. Another tip is when you research take a look at the dividend pay out history. If a company miss the dividend pay out often, then I highly recommend you not to invest in this stock or fund.

ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

Investing in ICO’s : Ten things that every investor needs to know

If you’re going to be investing in ICO’s, then you need to be well-informed. There have been too many stories about people who threw all of their money into an ICO that promised them good returns only to lose all of their investment either because the ICO was an outright scam or because they couldn’t deliver the product that they said they would.

ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

Investing in ICO’s can be both exciting and rewarding, but you should know these 10 things before you put any of your hard-earned money into one.

#1- What Countries Do They Allow?

Before you are  invest in a ICO, the first thing you need to know is if citizens from your country are allowed to invest in the first place. Due to various laws, and to prevent the possibility of a “pump and dump” many ICO’s restrict ICO’s to a few select countries.

#2-Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Currently, every ICO either takes Bitcoin or Ethereum. Sometimes they offer bonuses depending on which currency that you invest with. If you read the ICO’s whitepaper, it should clearly outline what currency you should invest with and what address you should send it to.

#3-Do You Need A Wallet?

Most exchanges don’t allow you to deposit cryptocurrency directly to a known ICO address. It’s usually a violation of their terms and conditions, and doing so can result in you losing your entire transfer. Because of this, you will need to have a digital wallet from which to transfer your funds before investing in ICO’s.

#4-Do They Offer Bonuses?

Most companies offer bonuses to individuals who are investing in ICO’s. Usually, the more money you invest initially, the greater return you will get when their token launches. This is a way to reward the heavy hitters who are seeking to make long-term investments into the technology.

ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

#5-Do They Solve Problems?

Much of an ICO’s success depends on their ability to solve a problem. Sometimes they seek to fix a real-world problem such as decentralizing the power industry, or sometimes they try to fix a problem with the blockchain by speeding up transaction times.

Before investing in an ICO, you need to make sure that they can be successful in the long run. The most successful ICO’s are the ones that solve problems and benefit both people and the blockchain industry.

#6-Do They Have A Roadmap?

A business without a plan is doomed from the beginning. Before you invest in ICO’s, always make sure that they have a roadmap outlining their future goals and how they plan on achieving them. The more detailed, the better.

#7-Do They Have A Good Reputation?

Before investing in ICO’s, you want to be sure that they have a good reputation. This is the best way to protect yourself from getting scammed by shady individuals who set up proxy ICO’s, and then run off with peoples investments. Because of the decentralized and anonymous nature of cryptocurrency, it’s often impossible to find scammers like this.

#8-Do They Have Any Backers?

One way to gauge an ICO’s potential is to look and see if they have any reputable backers. If the company is recommended by notable figures in technology, the government, or blockchain, then the chances are that the ICO is legitimate and has a decent future ahead of it. Big names usually will not risk tarnishing their reputation recommending bad ICO’s to people.

#9-What Is Their Price Prediction?

This can be hard to tell, but you can usually speculate what the token price is going to be once it hits the market. Of course, nobody can ever put a 100% accurate price on this, but if you look at the charts, graphs, and market cap, then you should be able to make an average prediction of the value of a token in the coming months.

ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

#10-Do They Have A New Idea?

Possibly one of the best indicators to look for before investing in ICO’s is if they have a new idea. An ICO can have a great idea, but if it’s been done a hundred times before, then it’s not going to have much chance of long-term success.






Ups and Downs of the iPhone On the Stock Market

Apple responds to the battery war

To help prevent abrupt shutdowns. This was the official explanation offered by Apple when it became apparent towards the end of last year that an update was apparently not always an improvement, and that the company was deliberately slowing down older iPhones with every new update in order to aid their already struggling batteries and prevent unexpected shutdowns.

The company reacted strongly to allegations, insinuating that older models were being slowed down deliberately in order to drive the sales of newer models. What really seemed to trouble users the most was that the admission only came after Reddit started to notice and blog about the fact that when they replaced their batteries with newer batteries, phones showed better overall performance.

This prompted an investigation by technology benchmarking firm, Primate Labs. Software analysis clearly showed artificial reticence pointing to outside and intentional tampering by Apple. Apple finally conceded, and admitted to having made changes to the way the older models operated after the release of the findings by Primate Labs. They also admitted to having done so without the necessary consent from the phone owners and users.

The company said that it was necessary to slow the workings of older phones in order to compensate for ageing batteries, which could no longer cope with the demands of the new software updates.

The problem with the explanation is the fact that other smartphone manufacturers have not identified the need to do the same, with Apple having identified the need to make amendments to phones that carried batteries that were not even a year old.

Customer Confidence Stock Price Building Bricks

Customer confidence is what ultimately drives the price of a share. It’s this very basic principle that firmly holds together bricks in the wall of the economy. It then comes as no surprise that immense fluctuations are becoming an everyday thing as far as the stock market and the value of Apple shares are concerned.

Apple’s sack of problems recently grew to astronomical proportions as Russia joined the Apple-slamming bandwagon. Two Russian law firms are going at it again in local courts, trying to make a buck or ten out of the manufacturer for the slowing down of phones without the consent of users. Local courts may not strike too much fear into the hearts of manufacturers or the stock market at that, but the problem lies with the negative publicity as well as the fact that court trends tend to spread like wildfire.

The sudden litigation against the manufacturer in Russia follows similar proceedings instituted by law firms in Israel and France, late in 2017. Australia, South Korea and Canada are expected to join the party next.

Apple is no stranger to court cases, but for many users what happens in court is irrelevant. Apple has been late to the party in many ways, with features like wireless charging, already prevalent in other model phones, only now coming to the fore. The lack of progression, and the fact that they have now admitted to slowing down older models doesn’t bode well for consumer confidence, or for their stocks and shares.

Bitcoin Private: A Cryptocurrency Review

When Bitcoin was developed, it had problems in regards to privacy and transaction speeds. While its possible to create privacy-centric elements to it, it’s not easy and requires a hard fork for it to happen. Bitcoinprivate is a hard fork between Bitcoin’s algorithm and Zclassic’s advanced privacy features. Specifically, it will use z-snarks to remain private. We’ll introduce you to this new cryptocurrency and how you can benefit from using it today.




What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of BTCP?

Peer-to-Peer Network

Bitcoinprivate is a peer-to-peer network that specializes in private and decentralized transactions. As a result, there are no intermediaries needed to when conducting trades with this coin.The transactions are verified via nodes before they are sent to miners for their approval. Since it has a larger block size, and peer-to-peer capabilities, it’s designed to scale. This means that the more users who are on Bitcoinprivate’s network, the more effective it becomes.

Fair Start

Some new cryptocurrencies are premined, which can leave new users at a disadvantage. Bitcoinprivate is released in a fair manner for its entire userbase. The coins will be sent out on a 1:1 basis to ZCL (Z-Classic) and BTC (Bitcoin) holders.

Open Source

Plus, bitcoinprivate’s codebase is open for verification and viewing by everyone. This allows for experienced programmers to find existing problems within its system, and fix and create changes within them. Rest assured that Bitcoinprivate will be maintained protected by an ever-growing community.

Block Size

Its main disadvantage is its large block size. Even though its block size is 2MB (in comparison to BTC’s 1MB block size), this means that it will take longer for miners to process it. The larger block size will take up more bandwidth, which can lead to more energy costs in the long run.


How to get BTCP?

How to get BitcoinPrivate

How to get BitcoinPrivate

There are two ways that you can obtain BTCP. Since it’s not currently out yet, investors will have to buy it via obtaining Z-Classic. Due to its 1:1 token distribution ratio, if you own 15 Z-classic, you’ll have 15 BTCP in your wallet after the fork takes place. Right now, you can buy ZCL through Cryptopia, Bittrex, and Alternatively, you can mine some ZCL to obtain some BTCP. Make sure that you install Zclassic’s official desktop wallet to ensure that you’ll receive BTCP after the fork. For more info go to: BitcoinPrivate site


What makes BTCP So Special In Comparison to BTC and BCH?

Here is a table that highlights the difference between the three main cryptocurrencies:


Fork Compare Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Max Supply 21 Million 21 Million 21 Million
Privacy Z-snarks (Zero Cash) None None
Block Size 2 MB 1 MB 8 MB
Block Interval 2.5 Mins 10 Mins 10 Mins
Replay Protection Yes No No
Difficulty Adjustment Each Block 2 Weeks 2 Weeks


Now, we can see the noticeable differences between Bitcoinprivate, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. While it does have a larger block size than Bitcoin, it has the highest level of privacy out of the three. Because of that, users should look into Bitcoin private as it provides a safer network that conducts faster transactions and keeps each user’s information protected while it’s in use.



What makes Bitcoin Private so special? Not only is it forked by Z-cash, one of the most private cryptocurrency networks in the market, but it’s also backed by Bitcoin’s existing algorithm. This means that it is a reliable coin to invest in due to its owner’s previous history, and its future growth potential. Do you have any additional questions regarding Bitcoinprivate?

Tell us in the comments below.






litecoin development december 2017

Litecoin’s Development: How Did it Perform This December?

Litecoin development has been a trending topic amongst the crypto community. In fact, Litecoin’s prices and value has skyrocketed amongst its peers. We’ll discuss how its rise in December happened and give insights on why you should invest into it.

litecoin development december 2017

litecoin development december 2017


Price Analysis

litecoin development decemember2017

litecoin development decemember2017

Litecoin’s value increased dramatically during December. According to CoinMarketCap, it’s the fifth largest cryptocurrency in the world. Since its development in 2008. Litecoin has gained a huge following and a market value of over $15 billion dollars. When it comes to litecoin development, its price value raised from $4 from the beginning from the beginning of the year to an all time high of $322.

Litecoin increased by 2,950% in value! Due to the market corrections that have been occurring during the past weeks, Litecoin has still remained stable and still retained its user base. Right now, its valued at $256 per coin. So if you look at the whole year performance, Litecoin is still in a bullish trend.


Bubble Concerns

Market analysts and observers have voiced their concerns on cryptocurrency. They believe that the current Litecoin development has reached a bubble and won’t exceed its value. Many cryptocurrencies increased in price during December. Litecoin development throughout this month provide substantial evidence against the assertion that the prices of these cryptocurrency assets have inflated.

While developers alleviated most concerns that analysts expressed, others aren’t fully convinced. 64% of institutional investors believe that Litecoin’s market bubble will burst by the beginning of 2018.


Litecoin Founder, Charlie Lee Sells All His Coins

charlie lee litecoin creators

charlie lee litecoin creators

Charlie Lee, the head developer and creator of Litecoin had recently sold all of his coins. He “sold and donated” his coins to prevent a conflict of interest. His reasonings behind his actions was because he wanted to ensure long-term growth for litecoin development and its network.

He stated “Litecoin has been great for me, so I don’t have to financially tie my success to Litecoin’s success,” Lee stated. “I do not own a single LTC since the six years I’ve started collecting it”. Other than some collector coins, he has completely removed his holdings of the coin.

This isn’t uncommon for cryptocurrency leaders and founders to publically announce their divestment. For instance, Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi hasn’t come in public view and still remains mysterious today. For investors, Lee’s decision will create a drop in the value of Litecoin. However, for future litecoin development, we can expect to see a large rise in value. If you want an alternative to Bitcoin, then you should learn how to trade Litecoin today.

Is It A Bear or Bull Market?

As of now, analysts believe that Litecoin is showing signs of a bear market. Mike Novogratz, legendary cryptocurrency trader and founder of Galaxy Investment Partners, states that Litecoin doesn’t have the same buying opportunity as Bitcoin.

Another theory that occured was that Coinbase users are actively buying litecoin due to its “cheap” price. Users think that it’s a cheaper option in comparison to ethereum and bitcoin, two other cryptocurrencies that’s offered in the platform.


Advantages of Investing in Litecoin

Even though Litecoin is viewed as a bear market, it’s still a great time for people to invest in it. Here are a few reasons why new traders should get involved with Litecoin.

Easier Mining Process

Both Litecoin and Bitcoin share the proof of work (user verification to complete a transaction), but the cryptocurrencies have two different algorithms for their separate blockchain network. Litecoin’s mining algorithm is easier to use than Bitcoin. This means that it can be mined on regular computers while using less energy. Usually, mining operations worldwide take a large amount of electricity and there is a shortage of high quality mining graphics cards for mining rigs.

Faster Block Generation

Another reason why you should invest in Litecoin is because of its fast block generation. Litecoin takes only 2.5 minutes while Bitcoin takes 10 minutes to successfully execute a block. Put simply, Litecoin transactions are four times faster than Bitcoin and has lower transaction fees.

For investment reasons, Litecoin is a great alternative as users can buy or sell the currency without paying as much as they would if they were to trade with Bitcoin.

What’s Next?

Swings will occur, but Litecoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies that can’t be defined by its price swings. When thinking about the future of Litecoin, it should be defined by its usefulness and relative stability. The future for litecoin development is bright as it shows no sign of stopping. Thus, you should consider investing in Litecoin as it offers a myriad of long term benefits (faster mining, easier transactions, and a relaxed community).

If you’re new to trading, use Plus 500. It has over ten years of service and will help you trade without compromising your income or savings. We encourage you to start trading so that you can capitalize on the dynamically growing cryptomarket. You can practise trading Litecoin for free by clicking here: Demo account








How to trade risk free with Plus500

When you are just starting, you want to trade as risk free as possible. Of course trading with real money and real deposits always has some kind of risks to it, but at least you can get an edge with trading that will help you profit more than you lose. In this article I am going to explain how to trade risk free with Plus500.

Risk free?? I thought that wasn’t possible in the trading market

It isn’t actually, but thankfully Plus500 provides you with a demo account with free demo money to practice on. This is totally risk free, because you cannot lose money.

Where to get the demo money?

This blog explains to you how to get the demo money by using the webtrader. This tutorial will also explain how and when you’re able to withdraw your bonus money.

buy and sell ethereum 2

Guided Tutorial: How to Buy and Sell Ethereum on Plus 500

Learning how to buy and sell Ethereum on an established broker is easier than ever. Cryptocurrency is a booming market with lots of opportunities for the experienced trader. With Plus 500, new traders can get started and join in on the multiple benefits of this new economic market.

Ethereum as a Cryptocurrency

If you think that Ethereum is just a currency, you’re highly mistaken. The Ether is a revolutionary addition to the crypto market and serves as a worthy alternative than Bitcoin. Ethereum is unique because it’s currency creates a system where anything can be programmed.

For instance, you can use ethereum to make secure contracts. These contracts can be used to fund startups faster than traditional incubator programs and venture capitalists. Because of this, it’s likely that Ethereum will share the same level of success as bitcoin and you can benefit from this as an investor.


What’s the Difference Between Ethereum and Bitcoin?

When first-time investors try to place Ethereum in the same line as bitcoin, they tend to miss out its utility. While they are both digital coins, they have huge differences. Ethereum’s major advantage is that it can be used for all sorts of projects.

Bitcoin and Litecoin are viewed as currencies and can be traded online to receive products and services in a decentralized manner. However, you can do a myriad of things with Ethereum.

Did you know, that you can use Ethereum to create a political system or issue shares with the currency? With ethereum, it’s not mutable; This means that once the contract is made, the contents within it cannot be changed.

As a result, Ethereum is powerful against malicious hackers who attempt to steal data from the contracts. Ethereum’s increased security increases its long-term growth potential and shows signs of the price possibly increasing further. That’s why we’re going to teach you how to buy and sell ethereum so you can get in on the market while you still can.

How to Buy and Sell Ethereum Using Plus 500

As an established online broker, Plus 500 gives new investors the opportunity to buy and sell ethereum on their exchange. We suggest that you start with a demo account, so you know how to trade effectively before using your own money. Here is a step by step guide on how to buy and sell ethereum on Plus 500’s exchange:

Start off by creating a demo or real account with Plus 500. Click Cryptocurrencies and scroll down to Ethereum (Alternatively: Click “Search our Instruments” on the top left of the screen and type Ethereum).

how to buy and sell ethereum on plus 500

how to buy and sell ethereum on plus 500


Set the price that you want to buy Ethereum at and press BUY.

buy and sell ethereum 2

buy and sell ethereum 2


To sell ethereum, click the SELL button to close the position and sell your position.

buy and sell ethereum 3

buy and sell ethereum 3

For a more detailed explanation on how to open and close a trade, please check this tutorial: Plus500

Other Tips

To buy and sell ethereum more effectively, you have to set a stop-loss and a stop-limit. Stop losses will help by automatically selling the position if its value reaches below a certain value.

For example: Let’s say that Ethereum has a value of $600. Making a stop-loss of $400 ensures that you can sell the position once it reaches this value. Doing this allows you to minimize your losses so that you don’t lose too much money investing in ethereum.

With a stop-limit, you can make quick profits off of ethereum. Going off our previous example, Ethereum has an initial value of $600. When you set up a stop limit of $800, it will close the position once it reaches $800. This ensures that you receive a $200 profit once the position is closed.

Remember, always trade carefully when using Plus 500. While using a stop-loss and stop-limit will help reduce your risks, you have to make sure you research what you’re investing. This allows you to trade and manage your own risk and prevents you from getting margin called due to blind investing.


To conclude, Plus 500 provides a safe and user-friendly interface for investors to buy and sell ethereum. It allows you to open and close positions at any time and safely trade without your information being compromised.

Start with Plus 500 today to break into the cryptocurrency market!

buy and sell bitcoin on Plus500

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Plus500

Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Plus500

Ever since its development in 2009, Bitcoin has been a highly debated topic of conversation. Whereas previously, it was relegated to deep web perusers and Reddit tech devotees, now it’s hard to be in any coffee shop whether suburb or major city for five minutes without its name being uttered like a resistance movement. For this buying and selling example, we’ll use Plus 500’s, a reputable online brokerage to help you start your investing journey. After hearing all these stuff, it’s time to find out on how to buy and sell bitcoin on Plus500.

What is Plus 500?

Plus 500 was founded in 2008 and is an online trading platform for financial investment options such as Stocks, commodities, ETF, and the Forex market. Recently, the platform has accepted the trading and selling of cryptocurrencies.

The company operates in Israel and has regulated entities in Australia, UK, and Cyprus. It’s parent company Plus 500 Ltd, are found on the Alternative Investment Market on the London Stock Exchange. This means that it’s easily accessible and traders worldwide can use its platform and start trading.


Is Plus 500 Reliable?

Plus 500 is more efficient than other online trading brokers because of its longevity. Since it’s been in use for almost a decade, it has a good track record and is a trustworthy platform to use. Because of this, it’s easy for people to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies within their network.

There are also more layers of protection that Plus 500 provides to their clients.Each of these rules is made to protect client’s financial integrity and

  • Plus 500 doesn’t use their money for hedging; it doesn’t use their client’s money for this reason.
  • Everyone’s money is placed in a segregated client bank account that follows the Financial Contract Authority’s rules for regulating client’s rules.
  • It doesn’t create speculative positions with the client’s money or in the market.
  • Plus 500 doesn’t have exposure to sovereign or foreign debt.
  • Retail client’s money is not invested in other markets.
  • Due to their strict rules on trading and protecting their client’s assets, Plus 500 is safe for users to buy and sell bitcoin. It’s a trading broker that follows all financial rules and regulations. As a result, it’s user base rise up to 105,000 users making up most of UK’s participating investment market. You can find out more about Plus500 here.


How To Start buy and sell bitcoin on Plus500?

Trading on Plus 500 is easy and only requires your email address to get started. Once you’ve created your account, do the following steps to buy and sell bitcoin on Plus500:

  1.   Click “Real Money.” This allows users to use their bank account to open and close trades within the cryptocurrency market.
  2.   Log onto Plus 500’s main menu located on left portion of the page. Click ‘Trade’ to receive a list of the tradable options that are available. Plus 500 has an advanced CFD trading brokerage software that allows users to trade forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies safely and efficiently.
  3.  For example, you want to buy Bitcoin on. First, go to Trade >  Crypto > Cryptocurrencies and find Bitcoin on the list. Alternatively, you can search Bitcoin from Pluss 500’s upper left corner that’s located next to the logo.
  4.  Once you click on the Bitcoin row, the information about the cryptocurrency is located on the right of the trade option.
  5. Click buy after you find Bitcoin on Plus 500’s network. The trading position will be shown in the “Open Positions” section or on the Bitcoin option itself. You can find  a more detailed info in our  Plus500 Tutorial: How to open and close a trade at Plus500.


How to Manage Your Risk with buy and selling bitcoin on plus500

Create a stop-loss and a stop-limit if you’re trying to trade more effectively and prevent having a loss on Plus 500. The stop loss will close the bitcoin position if its value goes a certain price number/percentage. For instance, when you open a bitcoin option at $2,000, you can create a stop-loss a $1,000 so that it closes the position.

But what if you want to stop holding Bitcoin once you received a profit? Create a stop-limit so that you can sell your bitcoin once it exceeds your expected value. This ensures that you can automatically sell your bitcoin and is a great technique for both short term and long term traders.


Still, it’s important that new investors learn how to buy and sell bitcoin. Its simple interface will help you easily find it and open a position. Ultimately, following our advice will help you invest more effectively and participate in the ongoing cryptocurrency market.

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