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top 5 ico febuary 3

The Top 5 Most Promising ICO’s of February

It’s February, and despite the recent dip that we’ve been experiencing, it’s a better time than ever to invest in the cryptomarket. Any veteran crypto investor will tell you always to buy the dip, and this is the lowest that the market has been in months. That means the potential for big returns in the coming months is huge. However, market downturns like these can steamroll small ICO’s that don’t have any lasting potential.

This is what stops a lot of people from investing during these troubling times. You should never stop investing, though. The trick is just to invest smarter. You need to invest in ICO’s that have real-world applications and solve actual problems, instead of just providing another digital wallet. So with this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best ICO’s that have a real potential to explode in the coming months. Let’s take a look.

Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain (VLB)

top 5 ico febuary 1

top 5 ico febuary 1


These guys have a really interesting business model. They want to fix the auto industry. For decades, the price of cars has skyrocketed and along with it, the price of automotive engineering, repair, and even cab fare. The reason that prices for these services are so astronomical now is that everything is centralized. There are a few leading companies who control vehicle and auto parts distribution, and whatever price that they charge dictates everything else in the market from insurance prices all the way down to how much you pay for your tires.

VLB wants to fix these problems with the blockchain. They want to create a decentralized platform for people to buy and sell cars, create ride-hailing services (like Uber), and to connect to automotive repair centers. This will take power out of the hands of the banks and large companies, and put it back into the hands of the people.

GoNetwork (GOT)

top 5 ico febuary 2

top 5 ico febuary 2

GoNetwork was created by three friends who’ve had a career in the gaming industry. They want to solve Ethereum’s scaling problem by allowing off-chain transactions. Right now, what’s holding Ethereum back from scaling as much as it should is the fact that it can only process 8 transactions per second. GoNetwork seeks to reduce the current strain and long transactional times by allowing people to transfer cryptocurrency via peer-to-peer connection off of the blockchain.


Rentberry (BERRY)

top 5 ico febuary 3

top 5 ico febuary 3

Unlike most ICO’s Rentberry has been around for a little while and has built an excellent reputation. They’re trying to make home and apartment rental easier than ever. Rentberry is using blockchain technology to automate all of the tedious bureaucratic processes. They want to make it easier than ever for property owners to rent out their homes, and easier and cheaper for tenants to move in. They are going to allow members to fund each others security deposits in return for rewards.

Node (NODE)

top 5 ico febuary 4

top 5 ico febuary 4

Node is harnessing the new wave of energy technology; wireless charging devices. Their first prototype is a wireless phone charger, and from there they are planning to expand into the industrial, medical, and automotive industry. They have big plans, and with the recent success of their prototype, they are set to skyrocket over the course of the next year as more and more companies are adapting to wireless charging technology.

SociFi (GIF)

top 5 ico febuary 5

top 5 ico febuary 5

SociFi wants to provide free data to the world. They plan on doing this by making large global companies pay for it. All over the world, there are people who have smartphones, but who either can’t afford or don’t want to pay the exorbitant prices that most service providers charge for data.Basically, users would download the SociFi app, and they would be given the opportunity to view advertisements and media that is related to a large company such as Coca-Cola.. In exchange for interacting with the media, the company would pay for a certain amount of free data for the SociFi user.

Not only does this bring internet and data access to underprivileged areas, but it also provides a whole new outlet for multi-billion dollar companies to advertise. SociFi already has a successful business model and has done the same thing with WiFi in the past few years. They also already have the support and backing of Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Uber, Windows, and Nuevo Pudahuel.


Don’t let this rough market turn you away! Take advantage of the sales while they last because we guarantee that they won’t be around forever. This year is going to one of the biggest years in the cryptomarket yet, and the prices are only going up this summer. Don’t be the last one to board the train!






Trading Bitcoin: How to make money with trading bitcoin?

Trading Bitcoin Step 1: Awareness

At the moment trading bitcoin is a a bit of a hype. Many investors are seeing bitcoin as a way to get rich. Can’t blame them for seeing it as this way. I mean if you look at the graph below, you will see that Bitcoin has gone up crazy in value this year.

Trading Bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin

If you look at transaction of Bitcoins on thursday 23rd of November in the pic above. You will that at that time more than 349k transactions has been made. So people have buy and sold bitcoins to each other more than 349k times. That’s is phenomenal. As you can see there a lot of trades out there with Bitcoins. The second thing that you need to be aware off is high volatility. The price value of bitcoin is jumping up and down alot. Which is good news for us as traders. Because there is a lot of money that can be made off. As in basic thing before you start trading, the first thing that you need to know. Is there enough volatility? The higher the volatility there better it is. Because it means that price value changes a lot. And that there is a lot of people that are participating in the trade. So this way you can always buy or sell it to someone. In this case the bitcoin trading has a very high volatility.

Trading bitcoin step 2:

The second thing you need to know before trading bitcoin is that you need to know what kind of trend is bitcoin in? If you don’t know what I mean about trend then read this article: Trend

Trading Bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin

As you can see in the pair Bitcoin/British pound is in a bullish trend. It is going up. If this current trend continuous then you can make money by buying the bitcoin now and sell it later for a higher price. It’s the most basic and simple strategy. However you can also see that sometimes the value of the bitcoin goes down. So there is also a opportunity to make money when the bitcoin goes down in value. Plus500 is on of the few brokers that offers you the opportunity to make money when the bitcoin goes down in value.

For example you would have made money in the period of Sept. 1st till the 14th of Sept 2017 when the Bitcoin dropped in value from 3600 GBP to 2400 GBP.  The profit would have roughly been 1200 GBP for you. Remember alway use a stoploss when you are trading bitcoin. If you want to know more about buy and sell bitcoin on Plus500 then check out this Plus500 Tutorial: How to buy and sell bitcoin on Plus500

bitcoin $5000

Bitcoin $5000 USD This year??

Bitcoin $5000 valuation is coming!

Since my last post in January about the Bitcoin of how it would perform this year. I knew it was going to grow in value but to be honest I didn’t expect that it would grew in value this hard. At  the moment of writing this blog, Bitcoin is currently traded at 2395 USD.

So what has happend? Since the legalisation of Japan on Bitcoin and having more countries taking a interest in Bitcoin. The volume of demand for Bitcoin have increased rapidly. Like madness.  Here take a look at these graphs.

Why is the demand increasing? |  Bitcoin $5000

  • Central Banks are increasing interest rate again. When interest rate increased then it means you hard earned money will decrease in value as good and services are increasing in price. That is why clients of investment firms, hedgefunds, institutional investors are investing big in Bitcoins. They don’t want that their wealth be decreased in value just because the goverment messed things up like India last year.
  • Bitcoin is getting more and more accepted around the world. More merchants and consumers are starting use Bitcoin as way to buy things. Since the legalisation of Bitcoin in Japan, the trade volume in Bitcoin went sky high.
  • Because of Bitcoin price increase, investors are interest in investing in alt coins such as Ethereum. And for investors to invest in most of these alt coins they need Bitcoin. This way Bitcoins are still needed. In order to buy other crypto currencies you will need Bitcoins


This year there was a major growth in merchants that accepted Bitcoins as payment. Now why would they do that? For me it obvious that more and more customers are wanting to pay their products/ services in Bitcoin or any other crypto currency. Japan for example is going to have  more then 260.000 stores that are going to accept Bitcoins and Ethereum as payment this summer. The whole bitcoin fever is huge! South Korea, Russia, Thailand are all currently looking if they are going to legalize bitcoins or not.

So why is it so huge? Why are people using bitcoins instead of the old cash? People are using bitcoins for a lot of different reasons. We think that the number one reason that people are using Bitcoin or are investing in Bitcoin, is that they are fed up with politics and central banks for manipulating the currencies to their disadvantages.

Like for example in Europe. The ECB is doing their best to make the European economy better. With the tools they are using it has some side effect. One of the effect is a low interest rate. Some banks are struggling to make a decent profit. So they lower their cost by firing people and decrease the interest rate. Which means that people are getting less interest on their savings account.

For some people the interest rate that they used to receive for saving their money on the bank went negative. Which means that for every pound that you are saving. You will have to pay the bank to have your money at their bank.

Kinda weird though since most of these banks were saved by your tax money. The ECB is not the only one. Almost all central banks around the world are trying to boost their countries economy. With the side effect of making things more expensive for  the normal people while their money becomes less valuable. And the richer became richer and richer. It’s not fair right? To get justice for the normal hard working citizens, Bitcoin was brought to life. The same applies for other crypto currencies.

Users| Bitcoin $5000

While more people are using Bitcoins to pay. The mainstream public are not using Bitcoins to pay right now at the moment. Because they don’t know what the real value of Bitcoin is.( Because all what the mainstream media does is informing how insane it is that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies became so much worth!). But we think that in time the mainstream public will slowly get to know about what the real value of crypto currencies are. We think that the majority that are using Bitcoins right now are merchants. Why? Because with Bitcoins merchants  can get more advantages if they play it smart. Because with Bitcoins you don’t need anyone to make a transaction. So this means that the merchants doesn’t to have pay a transaction fee to the banks or to any other middleman. This way it will save them money.

And another thing is that merchants have to worry less about the value of the other currencies if they are doing business international. Both parties can just agree upon a fixed Bitcoin price. So you don’t have to worry about that your profit might decrease because the GBP has become too expensive or too cheap in comparison with other currencies.

Bitcoin $5000 USD valuation this year?

With huge growth of start up companies that are active in the crypto currency world. Mainly in Bitcoin and Ethereum, it will be just a matter of time before the mainstream public will start to use Bitcoins and other crypto currencies types. On the short term there are countries like Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Australian, who are planning or looking into legalizing Bitcoin. And with gold rush that big investors and investment funds are having for crypto currencies, we think that there is a good chance that Bitcoin $5000 USD value will happen this year.

Trading Oil

Trading Oil: 3 simple steps to recognise a trading opportunity

Trading Oil

Trading Oil


Hi guys, welcome to today’s blog. In this blog we are going to talk about on how you can recognise a opportunity to  make money on trading oil

Trading Oil Step 1: Recognise the market condition

When you are trading as with many other traders, you would want to maximize your profit. For every dollar that you invest you want gain as much as possible right? In order to do this you will need a broker that gives you leverage or provide you tools such as options or CFDs. Many brokers like Plus500, Instaforex and gives you the opportunity to maximize your profit on every pound you invest. These brokers mentioned gives you the ability to make a trading in oil. Keep in mind that not all brokers gives you the ability to make a trade in oil. So now let’s go to oil.

When you look at the oil chart (above), the first thing you need to do is to determine the current trend of oil. There are three kinds of trends.

Up trend

Up trend is also often called Bullish trend. In a Up trend Oil price goes higher and higher after every small downgrade in prize. You can recognise a up trend by the following: each cycles their top goes higher then the previous cycle. And the bottom of each cycle goes up as well.

Sideways Trend

In this situation each prize cycle doesn’t show much of a price difference each cycle. Therefore its better not trade in this situation because the risk reward ratio is too small.

Down Trend

In a down trend the price cycle of for example oil is going lower after each cycle. For example oil price today is 48 usd. Yesterday it was 52 usd  and the day before yesterday oil price was 56 usd. The down trend is often called as bearish trend.

For more information on trends you can read here: Trend Lines


Trading Oil step 2

The next step in making money with trading oil is recognise a entry point to the trade. For most people this is difficult because they don’t determine the market condition first.  Once you have recognise the market trend. Its very easy to determine the price point for you to invest in the trade. All you need to do is buy at the point when you think the next cycle will start. Often the best point to buy is the ”corners” under normal market condition.

Trading Oil Step 3

In this final step you are going to determine what your exit point (selling pirce) is and decide if it is worth to make a trade. So how to determine your exit point of your trade? Just take a look at the market cycles. For me the best way to exit a trade is by taking my profits before the price reach to a next key turning point( corners). Because if I wait till after the “corner” point then there is a good chance that I will lose my profit because the price trend might change. There is a big chance that it goes into the opposite direction of what I wanted. Therefore it is better take my profit before the price at that key turning point price level.

When you have determine what you entry point ( investing price point level) and what your exit point is. That way you can see what your potential profit is. If the profit potential is too small then don’t trade. And if the potential profit is big then start a trade. Al right guys hope this have helped you a better understanding in trading. If there are any question please post it in the comment section. I will get too it as soon as possible. Have a series of successful trades ladies and gentlemen.



Ethereum: What is it? And why is it getting more popular?



The month June 2017 has been a crazy month for crypto currencies. The ETH went crazy, going in prize massive as Bitcoin did. If you have been watching Ether  for the last few weeks. Then you would have spotted a few really good trading opportunities that would give you a huge profit. So in this blog we are going take a look at Ethereum and Ether. What is Ethereum and why is it getting more popular?

What is Ethereum?

When you look at indices and the main stream news about the Ethereum, you might think that Ethereum is just another alternative crypto currency of Bitcoin. But if you do some more research on Ethereum, you will find out that it is not true. Ethereum is more then just a crypto currency. It is a very big highly advanced innovative platform for programmers and developers. On this platform you can build all kinds of apps such as games, financial app, social networks, basically everything you can imagine off. What makes Ethereum so special is that the platform is build on a decentralize system. Which means that there is no Authority that is holding all the information that is been used to create those apps. This platform was created with the intent that people can build programs that we may or are using every day. So this way there no middle man, and no central server to house that information. Without a central server, there is no main authority to change or shut down these programs without the entire community knowing about it.

Because of this advantage many programmers are hyped to build their apps on Ethereum platform. In order to program apps and run it smootly,you willl need Ether. Ether is like gas for car. Without ether, your app  can not function basically. There is only two ways of getting Ether. One is through mining and the other one is through buying ether on the market.So when you see Ethereum price quote on the markets it is really Ether actually. As the platform can’t be bought.

For a better understanding of Ethereum please watch this video of Vitalik Buterin (inventor of Ethereum) below.


How can I start in Trading Ether?

Speculation on the short term

Right now there is a lot of movement in the price of Ether. If you want to take make a profit on all those price movement. There is a option to speculate on the price of Ether. Ethereum coins are very volatile at the moment. As a trader you can take advantage of that. When the price of Ether goes up then you will automatically make a profit. But did you know that you can also make a profit when the price of Ether goes down? Because this happens all the time. You can make money by going short on Ether with a good online broker. This way you can earn a good profit too.

A really good online broker that gives you the opportunity to trade in Ether is Plus500. At Plus500 you can open a practise account for free in a very simple way. You can use this practise account to explore the opportunities in trading Ether. With the Plus500 software you can invest/trade in Ether with one mouse click. Because of this you can easily take advantage of all kinds of price movement of Ether. Click here to try out trading Ether at Plus500 for free.

Why is Ethereum getting more and more popular?

One of things that I like about the platform is that it gives you the possibility to create your own crypto currency. But there are many other advantages that Ethereum offers to programmers. That’s why this innovative platform is getting more and more popular. Because it is unique in his own kind. The more and more programmers that are choosing Ethereum to build their apps, the more ether will be needed. As the ether mining takes a long time and you need to know the right knowledge. So I think that on the short term the supply of  ether will be smaller then the demand for ether. Which will probably result into a higher  price value for Ether. But in all honesty I think that the recent rally of Ether was because of Bitcoin. Bitcoin went crazy in price value this month. Which surely took many other crypto currency including ether into a up trend at a higher speed. Because many investors doesn’t want to miss their chance like they had on Bitcoin. That’s why many jumped in the other alternative crypto currencies.


After taking a look at Ethereum. I am confident that Ethereum can stay for a very long time. I am not sure if the value of Ether will surpass the value of a Bitcoin. Because you can produce ether unlimited while Bitcoin is limited. However if more and more programmers and developers are going to use this platform then the demand for ether will increase. As you all know if the demand is higher then the supply then price will increase. In this case the price of ether will increase as long the demand is higher then the supply. As far as I know that it takes on average a month to mine 5 ether. Right Bitcoin and Ether are trade and invested in high volumes. If you don’t have the stomach for the dailey huge changes in prices then don’t trade but invest for long term. Keep an eye on our website because from now we will keep an track on Bitcoin and Ether.


Amazon Whole Food Market

Amazon Whole Food Merger

Amazon Whole Food Merger

Amazon Whole Food Merger

Hi guys, in this blog we are going to talk about the Amazon Whole Food Merger. In this blog you will find what we think what the effect of Amazon Whole Food merger will have on Amazon stock price. On Friday the 16th Amazon announced that it would take over Whole Food.

Amazon Whole Food Merger: What are the advantages?

On Friday the 16th of June Amazon announced that they would take over Whole Food company for 13.7 Billion USD. It basically means that Amazon is paying 42 USD per Whole Food share. What are the possible advantages from this acquisition?

#1 Whole Food Market customers

With this take over, Amazon will gain more access to high end customers. Like Amazon Whole Food Market served high end customers who demands top quality for every dollar they spend. With this merger Amazon can gain more prime members. For those who don’t know what high end customers means. High end customers are customers who are willing to pay top dollars for premium products that is worth their money.

#2 Physical Stores

Amazon also gets 432 physique stores of Whole Food Market. With the experiments of Amazon on what a customer pick, pay and how they get their grocery delivered in the recent years. Amazon has now the opportunity to change and shake up the grocery industry. It is the reason why nearly every supermarket stocks went down when the Amazon Whole Food merger was announced. Just take a look below what kind of store Amazon Go is. ( They launched the store this year.)

#3 Reducing delivery time

By acquiring Whole Food Market, Amazon got more physical places to distribute their products. For example customers can pick their Amazon products during their grocery time at any Whole Food Market store.

Amazon Whole Food Merger

AmazonWhole Food Merger source : bloomberg

# 4 Extra Profit

The final advantage is that Amazon get the revenue and profit from Whole Food Market. In 2016 the revenue of Whole Food Market was 15.7 billion USD.

Amazon Whole Food Merger: What are the disadvantages?

#1 Fierce Grocery industry

Whole Food Market has been struggling for the last few quarters. Their profits has been slinking. And their profit margin isn’t exactly super great either. If  Whole Food Market continue too struggle in the grocery industry then their profit will turn negative eventually. So there is a chance that Amazon will lose more money in this deal.

Amazon Whole Food Merger: How does this effect the stock price?

I think on the short term the trend of Amazon will be bullish. Because it feeds the market the idea that Amazon can do something really amazing in the grocery industry. Some analyst are believing that Amazon will change the whole grocery industry. The grocery market was worth around 606 billion USD in 2016. So there is a lot of money to be made in the grocery industry. If Amazon can disrupt the grocery market with the help of Whole Food Market like they did with the book industry then the stocks of Amazon will sky rock a whole lot more!

2017 stock market

2017 stock market: New hope, New beginning

Start trading now to receive a 25 dollar welcome bonus

2017 stock market

In a few weeks it will be Christmas and after that we will have a new years eve. If we look back at 2016 a lot have happened. But 2017 stock market will be the year that will bring us a lot of new hope. And for some a new beginning (US ,UK, EU). In 2017 there are a lot of elections in Europe. Countries such as the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy will choose their new presidents or prime ministers. These elections might give fear to investors, which will lead the European stock market into a bearish trend.


2017 stock market: Brexit

The prime minister Theresa May is aiming to start article 50 by the end of March 2017. By triggering this Article 50, the Uk can start the procedure and negotiation talks to leave the EU union.

When the Brexit was voted, Juncker was eager to start the negotiation talks as soon as possible. Seemed he was well prepared for that. But I think times have turn a bit to the Uk advantage. Because the UK has already a few companies, that promised to stay after the Brexit. And a few companies like Apple promised to keep on investing and creating jobs in the UK.

The Brexit negotiations talks will have an effect on the European stock markets for sure. Whether it will be negative or positive it is hard to tell. But one thing will be sure is that both parties will do their best to create the best environment for business to go or stay at their place. So in the end the Brexit thing might be the best thing that has happened for businesses.

As a thought I think when the start of the Brexit negotiations talks begins that the markets will react for a short period of time. Because I think that both parties will try the calm down the markets. After all a crashing financial markets looks bad for politicians. And the ECB and BOE won’t stand on the sideline either.


2017 stock market: Donald Trump

On one of my youtube videos, I had predicted that Donald Trump would win the election. Since the win of Trump the stock market has been hitting new all time high records. We are currently in a bullish trend.As long Donald can make his promise come true about the tax reduction and getting rid of some regulations rules for businesses in the current positive economic growth of US, then I don’t see a reason yet of why the bullish trend of the 2017 stock market has to stop.

However the markets will go down as soon Donald’s China teasing takes a serious form. Right now I think that Donald is testing the waters with China to negotiate a better trade deal.


Other things to keep a eye on in 2017 stock market

A few other things to keep an eye on are the Russian 2017 stock market and its currency Russian Rubble. I think both of them will go higher in value in 2017. I think that Putin will succeed in persuading US and Japan in cancelling their economic sanctions against Russia. And more importantly I think that Oil prize will stabilise. Both of these factors will benefit Russia well.

Bitcoin will continue to go in price as well, the reason for this is mainly China. China will continue to face challenges to stabilise their currency Yuan against the US dollar.

twitter stocks review

Twitter stocks: Too dangerous to trade

Twitter stocks

Twitter stocks are growing in value steady because off rumors

Hi guys. In today’s blog i am going to discuss of what is happening too Twitter stocks lately and why it is too dangerous to trade in them right now.

What is going on with twitter stock?

Since two weeks there  a rumor was started that Walt Disney was interesting in buying Twitter. And from there on many names of other buyers started to line up. Such as SalesForce, Alphabet (mother company of Google), Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and so on. Because of those rumors Twitter stocks has grown in value more than 25% in less than two weeks. From all those rumors it seems that Alphabet is really interested in buying Twitter.

According to Yahoo Google is seeking advice from Lazard bank for the acquisition and merge with twitter. According to most analysts from all those interested buyers, Alphabet will benefit the most from buying twitter. However I think Facebook will benefit a lot from it as well. Because if Facebook can buy twitter then they increase their dominance in the  social media industry.

Why is it so dangerous to trade in Twitter stocks right now?

twitter stocks takeover

twitter stocks takeover

As you can see in the graph, you will notice that value of twitter stocks has been growing explosive in a short period of time. With the current state of twitter stock it is impossible to determine what the resistance and support level is of twitter. Further more if the rumors are starting to fade away, then you can expect a fall back in twitter’s stock price. The fall back in twitter stocks price won’t be big but there is not much to gain now at the moment. As long there is no serious bids of other companies. I strongly believe that consolidation in twitter’s stock price will kick in when there is no new rumors about twitter’s take over. However when the bids being make official then you can expect a strong price movement.

Want to know more about twitter stock and its business? Then watch the video below.

facebook stock

Facebook stock is moving into a Bullish Trend

Facebook stock

Hi guys,

Today we are going to take a look on Facebook stock. We are going to look at three things.


Number one:  Facebook stock performance


Number two: How is the company doing in term of business


Number three: How to make money on Facebook stock


Facebook Stock Performance

Facebook stock screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-15-33-49

Facebook stock screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-15-33-49


Facebook stocks have been doing good this year, in comparison to  the general stock market is facing challenges during the year. Facebook stocks remained steadily in a bullish trend. How ever if you look at the table.

You will see that FB stocks are currently moving in range of 123 usd and 126 usd. Which is a pretty small price range movement. And with this movement it indicates that we are in a sideway trend.


How is Facbook doing in term of business?

Facebook mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. So far Facebook has been doing really well to executing that mission. If you take a look at the table then you will that they are succeeding in getting  new people to use their social network platform and getting more people to stay engage and being active on their platform.

Facebook stock active users screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-15-42-29

For example in June their daily active users rose to 1.13 billion active users. That is pretty impressive. If you compare that to the competition like twitter, who are struggling on getting more daily active users.

For Facebook business it’s that the more active users they have , the more advertisers are willing to spend. The more profit can be made which leads into a increasing value of the Facebook stock.

And Facebook is trying to get more users all over the globe and building his presence in the 3th world countries. So that as soon as people have internet they can open a Facebook account. And they are  doing that by offering free internet in those countries.

Recently a rocket exploded at SpaceX. That rocket was supposed to launch a new satellite for Facebook. That satellite was suppose to give internet to area’s where it is difficult to get internet. With this rocket explosion it will probably cause a delay in the plans of Mark Zuckerberg  to get new users for his platforms.

Back the business side. Fb is has increased his revenue in the 2nd quarter with 68%. And if you continue to look at the table then you will see that in overall they increase their revenue and profit.

Facebook stock balance screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-15-42-02

Facebook stock balance screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-15-42-02


Speculation on the Facebook stock price


Currently Facbook is still in the sideway trend but is slowly moving into a bullish trend. Facebook was moving in the price range of of 123 USD and 126 USD. But recently is has breakthrough the resistance level of 126 USD. But it doesn’t to be a strong push. So let see if Facebook is going towards the close of above 127 USD. Before we can confirm that it is in  a bullish trend. So for right now I am staying on sideline for a bit or i might buy  few CFD’s on Facebook shares. Because those Facebook CFD’s shares gives me a higher profit then with the normal Facebook stocks. For more info trading Facebook CFD’s share click here: Plus500 stocks CFDs. And if you want to know more about Plus500 then check our brokers review.

starbucks stocks split history

Starbucks stocks still a safe investment?


starbucks stocks

Hi guys,


Today we are going to take a look on Starbucks stocks. We are going to look at three things.


Number one:  Stock performance of Starbucks


Number two: How is the company doing in term of business


Number three: Speculation on Starbuck stock price


Starbucks stocks performance

Starbucks stocks price movement

Starbucks stocks price movement. Source:

If you look at the chart, you will notice that the stock price movement has been really small in the last two weeks. Which means that the current trend of Starbucks stocks is sideway’s. It doesn’t really go up big or go down big.


So far this year Starbucks stock price hasn’t performed well compared to last year. But it didn’t performed worse as most of the oil companies. Since the stock split last year, the price value of the starbucks stock has increased with roughly 23,67% .


If you take  look again at the last two weeks performance of the starbucks stock price it seems that we are about to change the trend. Meaning that we might go up again. The volume of trading starbucks stock have dropped significantly. As you see, the lower the price go , the lesser investors are willing to sell their  stocks.


How is the company doing in term of business?


According to their last announcement on 11 August 2016, Starbuck is going to expand their distribution center with a extra of 1.2 million square feet. With this expansion, the distribution centre capacity will be increased with 35%! So this means that Starbucks is expecting that their business will grow more. Which is good news for investors like us.


So let’s take a look of how the business was doing in the third quarter. We see that sales in the US has increased with 4%, In China had has increased with 3% and in Europe there was a decrease of 1%.

The net revenue grew with 7% to a record of 5.2 billion dollars. And 474 new Starbucks stores were opened in this 3rd quarter.

starbucks stocks q3 results


So we can safely say  that the business of starbucks continued to grow. But it hasn’t grow as much as it did in the previous quarters. If you look at that chart. You will see that sales growth has been decreased. According to Howard Schultz , the CEO & chairman of Starbucks,  sales growth will back on his normal track of 5% or more soon. So how is this going  to reflect on the future stock price?


Speculation on Starbucks stocks price


When the third quarter results of starbucks was release, the stock price went down with 4%. And since then it kinda got stuck on that price level of 55 usd.

After the dividend pay out of Starbucks earlies in august, it seems that stock price is consolidating at a price range of 55 dollars and 56 dollars. If  this is so , then it means that the price range of 55-56 dollars will be the new support level for the starbucks share price. The only way to get this confirmed is to watch the stock price of Starbucks bounce off that price level a few times. If this going to happen then we may  see that the stock price of  starbucks will move into a bullish trend. And i believe that once the stock price close above the 60 dollars. That we will go into a strong bullish trend.


If you are looking for a long – term perspective. I think that the fundamentals of Starbucks stocks is solid and with stores expansion and adding new products such as recently gluten free products and Almond milk. I am confident that the Starbucks share price will eventually go to newer heights.


And one more thing… If you had bought the  100 Starbucks stocks  at ipo for a total investment of 1700 dollars in total. ( that was the introduction price). Then you would now own more Starbucks stocks because of the stock splits, that has happen a few times. But your current value would be around 300.000 dollars. As long as Howard Schultz remains CEO , then we all will be fine.

starbucks stocks split history

starbucks stocks split history






Current Starbucks stock price:

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