Sky is the limit. Interview with Anatoly Shevchenko, the winner of 178th round of Rally Trade

Sometimes lightning actually does strike the same place twice. Anatoly Shevchenko from Krasnodar Krai won our Drag Trade contest in 2013 and now he proved that the sky is the limit, having won Rally Trade. In the interview Anatoly told us how he managed to best all his opponents one more time and what part Japanese yen had in it.

$6000 in a couple of minutes

I’ve been interested in trading since 2000, but it was more of a hobby at first. For fifteen years I had been working in IT department at a local telephone exchange office: I used to do programming and technical support. But now, when I have no permanent occupation, I can give all my attention to trading and try to make a living off it. I began with reading Adam Smith, Charles Dow and books on candlestick charts, actively participated in trading contests. In 2013 I took the first place in Drag Trade contest. I even remembered the date — 13th December, 2013. But now I was just lucky. About 6AM (UTC+4) Japanese yen made a spike upwards and went up 70 points, I managed to take 45 of them and thus gained $6000 in a couple of minutes. This was the trade that got me to the first place.

«I deposited 1000 rubles and earned about 8 of my usual salaries»

Sometimes you are lucky enough to place as much as 30 profitable trades in a row. Once, in 2006, I was on holiday and earned about 8 of my usual salaries, with the initial deposit of just 1000 rubles. Mainly I use ordinary indicators like Fractals, Bollingers Bands, Moving Avarage, draw Fibonacci retracement and resistance trend lines. Speaking of the instruments, I trade currency pairs, namely EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, EURJPY, GBPJPY, AUDUSD, NSDUSD and also gold and silver. What advice can I give to beginners? I suppose, to be disciplined and control your losses. Keep your risks as low as possible — Euro can move 150 points in a couple of hours with no effort. As for the indicators and strategies, I think everyone should choose and test them on their own.