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      The CFD market is easy but you cannot trade the market without understanding it. If you consider the traders in the United Kingdom they make sure to learn the market because it is the basement to success. Most of the naïve traders assume that they know the golden rules of the CFD market but they do not know it perfectly. They just assume that they know but they don’t. If you are a naïve trader you should take the time to get acquainted with trading. There are many traders who are not succeeding in the market and it is basically because of the trading mistakes they make. You should follow the top three rules if you want to succeed in trading. You can become a successful trader by learning these top three rules so shall we read?

      Rules are always necessary to become a successful person in life. If you study the lifestyle of the most successful people in the history, you will notice one thing in common. Every single one of them was very much dedicated to their profession. Even being the boss they never waste their time. Time is money. As a trader, you have to utilize every single second of the market. If you fail to do so, it will take years to understand how this market works. Being an independent trader you will be the boss but this means you will do whatever your life. Try to develop few rigid rules which will help you to trade this market with high-level accuracy. Most importantly develop a strong reading habit since it one of the easiest ways to keep yourself updated with the latest market news.

      Don’t let your account to wipe off
      You should not let the account that you created to be blown off that easily. You might earn profits but then due to the trading mistakes, you would have lost all the profits that you earned. These cases are common among naïve traders as they do not know to correct the mistakes. If you are making losses you should focus on the mistakes that you are making so you will be able to correct it in the long run. If you are repeating the same mistakes, again and again, it will lead to permanent loss. The small losses should not be ignored because it may create a huge loss in the end. Even if you are making small losses you should focus on the ways to eliminate it. There is another important factor that you should bear in mind i.e. not to involve emotions in trading. If you involve emotions in trading there is no doubt that you are going to lose. When trading CFDs you should become a trader with the balanced mindset. You should keep the rule to not to blow off your account at any cost.

      Diversify the risks
      You should make sure to diversify the risks so you need not worry about major losses. A diversified portfolio is important to succeed in the market. You should diversify the losses as much as possible as it will increase the performance level. If you want to become a successful trader you should have an eye on the risk diversification. The psychology of trading is important because most of the traders fail due to having the improper mindset. If you want to become a successful trader you should avoid being greedy. You should not fear the market if you want to become a successful trader.

      Place stop losses
      If you don’t know to place stop losses it can lead to severe account wipe out. If you don’t place the stop loss at the right time it can be difficult to become a successful trader. You should not place tight stop loss as it will increase the risk of losing the account. You should let the market to breathe and the stop loss should not act as a risk.

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      For sure, stop orders are extremely important for the CFD traders. Usual investors buying stocks with their own money can hold their positions even in the case of substancial drawdown. At the same time, CFD traders usr margin accounts, so the could be forces to close position due to the margin requirements.

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      There are many factors that make or break our trading. For me Stop Losses are on first place, than careful selection of small leverage is second, proper diversification is third, but even more important is to carefully selecting your CFD broker. You should ensure that your broker is regulated and offer superior CFD trading conditions compared to the rest. You should look for low spreads, less commissions and check exactly what the conditions are for your preferred instrument, because there are many brokers who offer good spreads on major pairs like EURUSD but when it turns to trading Gold or something else they had much wider spreads.

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