101trading Facebook shares on plus500

Plus 500 Tutorial: How to Buy and Sell Facebook (CFD) Stocks

It wasn’t until May 18th, 2012 where the company allowed investors to buy and sell Facebook stocks within the NASDAQ market. Facebook is a stable company, and is a popular choice amongst novice and veteran traders. Thus, it’s a great choice for first time investors to get started in the stock market.

We’ll show you how to get started trading this lucrative stock option!

Benefits of Facebook Stocks

Facebook is one of the largest social media brands because of its huge competitive advantage. For instance it has a network effect where each person that signs up to Facebook, it gives people that aren’t on the network the incentive to sign up on it. Who wants to use a social media platform if their friends aren’t on it.

Due to its strong competitive edge, Facebook currently has over 2.07 billion people signed into its network. Buying a Facebook CFD stock is a great idea as its a reputable company that has surpassed competing social media sites such as Myspace and Vine.

How to Buy and Sell Facebook CFD Stocks on Plus500

Here are the directions to help first time investors buy and sell stocks on Facebook:

1: Log in your Plus 500 account through the web trader.

2: Click on the TRADE button. This displays the multiple instruments that you can invest in on Plus 500’s page. Plus 500 is one of the only on line brokers that provides this variety of trading instruments. It allows you to trade ETFs, Stocks, Forex, and Commodities all around the world.

3: Go to Shares and then click USA > F > Facebook. Alternatively, you can search Facebook in the “Search our Instruments” search section. Type in Facebook, and it will allow you to buy and sell facebook stocks.

How to buy and sell Facebook CFD stocks on Plus500 broker * Illustrative prices

* Illustrative prices

4: When you click on the Facebook stock, it will show you information about it and how to buy and sell it within the exchange. To buy, press the BUY button. We recommend that you have a stop-loss and stop-limit to ensure that you receive the most profit while only experiencing minimal losses.

How to buy and sell Facebook CFD stocks on Plus500 broker -2 * Illustrative prices

* Illustrative prices

5: If you want to sell your Facebook share, press the SELL button. This allows you to close the position and gain profit or stop the share from becoming too negative. Follow these steps to ensure that you know how to buy and sell Facebook stocks.

How to buy and sell Facbook CFD stocks on Plus500 broker -3 * Illustrative prices

* Illustrative prices


Terms You Need to Know

In this last section, we’ve compiled the most popular terms that most first time investors should know before trading. This will help you get more in depth knowledge within the market and learn how to trade more effectively.

Overnight: When an investor keeps a position open overnight, an overnight fee is either added or subtracted from their position. This means that you’ll either gain a small amount of money for the overnight position, or you’ll have to pay a small fee. The fee is usually low so you don’t have to pay too much attention to it when you’re trying to buy and sell Facebook CFD stocks.

Trading Hours: This is one of the most essential things first investors need to know. Plus 500 will automatically change to fit your region’s time zone. For instance, American stock is open at 9:30AM-4:00PM on American time. Plus 500’s automatic time adjustment feature is great as it allows users to time their trades correctly.

Maintenance Margin: You need to understand this because if your position reaches below the maintenance margin point, it will automatically close. Make sure to always keep your account balance above this margin. Fortunately, the margin is already calculated and placed on Plus 500’s top header and is usually a low amount.

Inactivity on your account and currency conversion could also add additional fees, so please keep that in mind.

With these terms, you’ll get a basic understanding on how to buy and sell facebook stocks. When trading, always research the history of the stock (sentimental analysis) either through analyzing the graphs (technical analysis). We suggest that you start with demo trading until you’ve developed a few trading strategies that are successful before risking your actual income. If you want to learn about day trading Facebook stocks then click: here

Closing Remarks

When you start to buy and sell Facebook CFD stocks, you should do so at your own risk. However, Facebook is one of my favorites as it could be a long-term investment.

Do you have any questions or concerns when obtaining Facebook stock?

Let us know in the comment below.

*76.4% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

twitter stocks review

Twitter stocks: Too dangerous to trade

Dividend stocks

Twitter stocks are growing in value steady because off rumors

Hi guys. In today’s blog i am going to discuss of what is happening too Twitter stocks lately and why it is too dangerous to trade in them right now.

What is going on with twitter stock?

Since two weeks there  a rumor was started that Walt Disney was interesting in buying Twitter. And from there on many names of other buyers started to line up. Such as SalesForce, Alphabet (mother company of Google), Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and so on. Because of those rumors Twitter stocks has grown in value more than 25% in less than two weeks. From all those rumors it seems that Alphabet is really interested in buying Twitter.

According to Yahoo Google is seeking advice from Lazard bank for the acquisition and merge with twitter. According to most analysts from all those interested buyers, Alphabet will benefit the most from buying twitter. However I think Facebook will benefit a lot from it as well. Because if Facebook can buy twitter then they increase their dominance in the  social media industry.

Why is it so dangerous to trade in Twitter stocks right now?

twitter stocks takeover

twitter stocks takeover

As you can see in the graph, you will notice that value of twitter stocks has been growing explosive in a short period of time. With the current state of twitter stock it is impossible to determine what the resistance and support level is of twitter. Further more if the rumors are starting to fade away, then you can expect a fall back in twitter’s stock price. The fall back in twitter stocks price won’t be big but there is not much to gain now at the moment. As long there is no serious bids of other companies. I strongly believe that consolidation in twitter’s stock price will kick in when there is no new rumors about twitter’s take over. However when the bids being make official then you can expect a strong price movement.

Want to know more about twitter stock and its business? Then watch the video below.

facebook stock

Facebook stock is moving into a Bullish Trend

Dividend stocks

Hi guys,

Today we are going to take a look on Facebook stock. We are going to look at three things.

Number one:  Facebook stock performance

Number two: How is the company doing in term of business

Number three: How to make money on Facebook stock

Facebook Stock Performance

Facebook stock screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-15-33-49

Facebook stock screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-15-33-49

Facebook stocks have been doing good this year, in comparison to  the general stock market is facing challenges during the year. Facebook stocks remained steadily in a bullish trend. How ever if you look at the table.

You will see that FB stocks are currently moving in range of 123 usd and 126 usd. Which is a pretty small price range movement. And with this movement it indicates that we are in a sideway trend.

How is Facbook doing in term of business?

Facebook mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. So far Facebook has been doing really well to executing that mission. If you take a look at the table then you will that they are succeeding in getting  new people to use their social network platform and getting more people to stay engage and being active on their platform.

Facebook stock active users screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-15-42-29

For example in June their daily active users rose to 1.13 billion active users. That is pretty impressive. If you compare that to the competition like twitter, who are struggling on getting more daily active users.

For Facebook business it’s that the more active users they have , the more advertisers are willing to spend. The more profit can be made which leads into a increasing value of the Facebook stock.

And Facebook is trying to get more users all over the globe and building his presence in the 3th world countries. So that as soon as people have internet they can open a Facebook account. And they are  doing that by offering free internet in those countries.

Recently a rocket exploded at SpaceX. That rocket was supposed to launch a new satellite for Facebook. That satellite was suppose to give internet to area’s where it is difficult to get internet. With this rocket explosion it will probably cause a delay in the plans of Mark Zuckerberg  to get new users for his platforms.

Back the business side. Fb is has increased his revenue in the 2nd quarter with 68%. And if you continue to look at the table then you will see that in overall they increase their revenue and profit.

Facebook stock balance screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-15-42-02

Facebook stock balance screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-15-42-02

Speculation on the Facebook stock price

Currently Facbook is still in the sideway trend but is slowly moving into a bullish trend. Facebook was moving in the price range of of 123 USD and 126 USD. But recently is has breakthrough the resistance level of 126 USD. But it doesn’t to be a strong push. So let see if Facebook is going towards the close of above 127 USD. Before we can confirm that it is in  a bullish trend. So for right now I am staying on sideline for a bit or i might buy  few CFD’s on Facebook shares. Because those Facebook CFD’s shares gives me a higher profit then with the normal Facebook stocks. For more info trading Facebook CFD’s share click here: Plus500 stocks CFDs. And if you want to know more about Plus500 then check our brokers review.

facebooks-notify news app

Facebook Notify news app: Will it succeed?

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Facebook Notify News app

On the 4th of November Facebook announced that they will roll out a new app. The name of this app is Notify. In this blog you will get to know what this Notify app does , what its revenue model is and discover wether the Facebook Notify news app will be a successful or not.

What is Facebook Notify news app? And what does it do?

So what is this Facebook Notify news app? Well basically it’s an app where the users can subscribe to a certain publisher. When a publisher published news, new content, new video ect. the user will receive a notification that something has been published. For example:

Let’s say you have subscribed to a organisation that publish content about trading the stock market. Whenever this organisation publish a new blog about trading the stock the stock market, the Facebook notify news app will notify you about it. This way you don’t have to worry about missing out or reading the news too late.

What is the revenue model of Facebook Notify news app?

At the moment this not very clearly. But we can assume that the revenue will be like at the one from Facebook Instant articles. Where Facebook share 30% of the advertising revenue to it publishers. Which means that they will keep 70% of the revenue to themselves.

Will Facebook Notify news app be a succes?

This a great question. There is a good chance that Facebook Notify news app will succeed. As there appears to be a market for news app. Early this year Snapchat , Twitter and Apple have launched a news app. Yes even Apple has launched a news app and it is a succes as it already has 40 million readers. And the fun thing about the Apple news is that it is only available in a few countries. Its not worldwide yet.

Another reason why Facebook Notify news app could be a succes is that Facebook Notify News app is a evolution of Facebook Instant articles where publishers are happy with Facebook. Its one of the reason why big news companies such as the BBC, Vogue, Washington Post and CBS have joined Facebook in the Facebook Notify news app.

Content on Facebook Notify news app wont be a problem and finding advertisers for to advertising won’t be a problem either for Facebook. The only challenge that Facebook is engaging and getting new users to use the Facebook Notify news app on their mobile phone. Facebook has been successful at attracting new users to the Facebook app and it’s messengers app. But it had failed with establishing stand alone apps. Especially the ones that were focused on the young audience. Apps such as Poke and Slingshot had failed to get a substantial users.

The reason why Facebook Notify news app will succeed in getting users more then at Poke and Slingshot is that it has well known Publishers such as the BBC , Times, Washington Post, Mashable ect. that will publish content on Notify. These well know media company are known for publishing good quality of content and sure it will draw some its readers database to use Facebook Notify news app.

Facebook Notify news app is basically another app where Facebook can gain a new audience for advertisers. The bigger the crowd the more advertisers Facebook will have which leads into a increase in revenue and profits. If Facebook is indeed to launch its Notify app next week. Then we might see in the next quarterly report if this Facebook Notify news app is a succes or not.

Facebook share price forecast q3: Bullish or Bearish on?

Facebook share price forecast q3: Bullish or Bearish on?

Dividend stocks

Hi all,

In today’s blog we are going to share our Facebook share price forecast q3. In a few  hours Facebook will announce their earnings. Will the earnings of Facebook beat the expectations of Wall Street? If Facebook does manage to beat the expectations then the share price will probably continue to go up. If it meets up with the expectations of Wall Street then it might go down a little bit. And if the earnings of Facebook is lower then what Wall Street expected, the share price of Facebook will drop significantly.

Facebook share price forecast q3: What happend on q2?

So what happened the last time when Facebook announced their 2nd quarterly result this year? Well their earnings of the second quarter beat the expectations of Wall Street. As the result of that outcome the share price of Facebook started to increase until the Chinese stock market started to crash and took the world wide stock market down with it. When the worries about the Chinese market stopped, the US and European markets started to grow again and so did Facebook.

What are the Wall Street expectations this time?

Facebook share price forecast q3: According to a note from Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Youssef Squali, Wall Street is expecting Facebook’s ad revenue to have grown 41.2% year-over-year in Q3 to $4.176 billion, representing a growth path that is nearly three times faster than the overall ad market, but also marking a deceleration from 43% growth in the prior quarter. The company’s mobile ad revenue is expected to rise to nearly 80% ($3.338 billion) from 76% in the prior quarter and “virtually zero” in early 2012, according to that note.

Industry analysts also speculate that Facebook could show its monthly active user (MAU) base grew 13.4% year-over-year to 1.531 billion and an engagement of daily active user (DAU) to MAU reading of 0.651, which would be consistent with prior quarters.
Read more: //

The expectations for Facebook share price forecast seems to be high this time. I think it would be tough to beat  but I must take note that Facebook is putting effort to gain the engagement for the their platform users and at the same time they working on creating new services for their customers. So there is a good chance that their monthly total active users will be bigger then what most experts thinks.

Our Facebook share price forecast q3

When you look at the graph of Facebook. You will see that they have been going up steady since end of Augustus.

facebook share price forecast q3

facebook share price forecast q3

In our Facebook share price forecast q3 we think that only way that the share price of Facebook can go up is when they beat the Wall Streat expectations big time and it go up to 120 dollars a share by the end of this year. However Andreesen , a director of Facebook has been selling 15% of his stake in Facebook which could signalling that Facebook 3th quatar is not going to be spectacular. If that happens you can be sure that Facebook share price will go into a down trend.

Trading Oppertunity

To put it bluntly our Facebook share price forecast q3 says that no matter what outcome of the earnings will be Facebook will gives us trader a good opportunity to trade long or bearish for at least 3-4 work days. The chances on a sideway movement seems to be small. The reason for that is that the share price of Facebook have been growing steady already. So even when Facebook results meets with the expectations of Wall Street I think the share price will drop in value for 2 days.

I wish everybody a good profit with trading